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Fr. Augustin Vondou

Rev. Augustin Vondou, founder of St. Andrew’s School, was born in the village of Sebore-Badjouma in North Cameroon. The fourth of eleven children, Fr. Augustin was raised in the city of Garoua, where his family still resides. At the age of 9, after attending an ordination ceremony, he was so moved by the idea of giving up his life for others that he decided to become a priest.


In 2006 he was ordained into the Catholic priesthood and moved to the village of Ngong where he served at Holy Family parish,  4 years as Parochial Vicar and  3 years as Pastor. The proliferation of street children, the alarming rate of poverty, the insufficiency of schools and the poor level and quality of education in the existing government school in Ngong prompted Fr. Augustin to envision a school where the youth of the community would receive a quality education. With the permission and blessing of his bishop, St Andrew’s School was started in 2012. 

In 2013, Fr. Augustin moved to the USA to further his theological studies.  In 2015 he received a master’s degree in Theology and a Licentiate in Sacred Theology from Boston College, and in 2021, he received his PhD from Loyola University, Chicago in Integrative Studies in Theology and Ethics. Fr. Augustin serves as President of the Board of Directors, St Andrew’s School, and Parochial Vicar  at St Mary’s parish in Winchester, MA

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Fr. Gerald Osterman

Rev. Gerald Osterman is an ordained priest in the Archdiocese of Boston. Now retired, he resides at Saint Peter’s Rectory in South Boston. In 1982, he travelled to Haiti with Nannette Canniff to deliver aid collected by the Saint Boniface Parish in Quincy, MA. The two went on to help establish the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation, operating in the mountainous village of Fond des Blancs, Haiti.  He joined the Board of Directors of St. Andrews School in 2020.



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Elizabeth Ventura

Elizabeth is a media production consultant with over 20 years’ experience working on television and documentary projects for major broadcasters, PBS, and independent producers.  She has worked with major broadcasters including Discovery, National Geographic, History Channel, and A&E.

Whether as a Line Producer managing multi-million-dollar productions, a Director of Production, & Operations, creating systems and infrastructure for sustainable growth, or as a Community Engagement Consultant, coalescing partners around a cause, she is known for her ability to strategically connect with the right people, build relationships and get things done.  

Elizabeth’s passion is developing projects that create positive change for people in less developed countries.

She served as Vice President of Development on the Board of Directors of Women in Film and Video, DC from 2004-2006, has lectured at George Mason and American Universities, and presented at multiple industry conferences. She is currently working on her MBA at West Texas A&M University.  She joined the Board of St Andrew’s School in 2020. 

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Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson is president of the Massachusetts High Technology Council, responsible to the Board of Directors for the successful development and implementation of public policy programs and initiatives in Massachusetts and in Washington, D.C. that help make Massachusetts the world’s most attractive place to create, operate, and expand technology businesses.   In 2006, he was appointed to serve as a member and then chairman of the Massachusetts Board of Education. Possessing a B.A. from the University of Notre Dame, and a J.D. from Suffolk University, School of Law, Chris serves as Chairman of Lawrence Catholic Academy, a pre-K through grade 8 school in Lawrence, MA. He joined the Board of Directors of St. Andrews School in 2020.

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Mia Coffin

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Richard Landrigan

Richard Landrigan is an attorney in Boston/Somerville, Massachusetts, specializing in litigation. He has had a close association throughout his legal career with the Hispanic and Vietnamese communities around Boston. After graduating from Boston College in 1966, Richard went to Chile as a Peace Corps Volunteer. At the invitation of a mission community of Franciscans from Holland, he helped begin and manage an agricultural cooperative of indigenous subsistence farmers in Osorno Province and taught at the mission high school. He has also worked with Agency for International Development as a member of a team involved in rural development projects along the Mekong River in Sadec, Vietnam. After completing law school at Boston College Richard worked with the federal government in Atlanta as a litigator in employment discrimination cases. While in Atlanta Richard met Janelle Dawkins, a native of Jacksonville, Florida. Richard is married with with two adult children and two grandchildren,

Since the 1990s Richard has been associated with APUFRAM, a Honduran non-profit organization with a Catholic orientation that a operates a number of elementary and high schools in Honduras and in the Dominican Republic. APUFRAM's purpose is to provide academic and spiritual education to poor children in Honduras and the Dominican Republic He serves as the president of APUFRAM International, a non-profit based in Arkansas that raises funds for and assists its colleagues at APUFRAM.

He met Father Augustin Vondou at Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Sudbury, MA. Richard has been the corporate secretary of Saint Andrews School in Ngong, Inc. since its founding. Richard says “working with Saint Andrews School provides a unique challenge, and a way to enter into the lives of students and teachers in far off Ngong, Cameroon.”


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