The proliferation of street children, the alarming rate of poverty, the insufficiency of schools in the village of Ngong in North Cameroon, and the poor level and quality of education in the existing government school prompted Fr. Augustin Vondou to envision a school where the youth of the community would receive a quality education. With the permission and blessing of his bishop, St. Andrew's School Ngong was started in 2012.

The first classrooms were made only of straw mats.

Today, the school consists of 4 classrooms, a computer room and an administration building. (500 youth attend daily)

Students Per Classroom

“Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.”

- Oprah Winfrey


We strive to develop students through a comprehensive curriculum while aiding in their development as leaders and contributing world citizens.


Students are prepared for a rapidly changing world while grounded in a nurturing atmosphere so students become catalysts for future evolution.


We value the connection between educational development and a sustainable learning environment to transform pivotal knowledge into conscious action.

Our belief is that education is key to curb poverty, ignorance, unemployment and corruption. Our mission is to educate students and give them the tools to rise from poverty.

Socrates believed that knowledge was the ultimate virtue, best used to help people improve their lives. “The only good is
knowledge and the only evil is ignorance,” he said. ... Socrates' greatest contribution to fellow learners is his theory of
questioning, now called the Socratic Method. He believed that learning came from within and that the best and most lasting way to bring latent knowledge to awareness was through the process of continual questioning and unconventional inquiry. For Socrates, answers were always steps on the way to deeper questions.