“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

                 – Nelson Mandela 

What We Do

We offer assistance for a Catholic high school in an under-resourced area of Northern Cameroon that provides quality education, moral instruction, and human formation enabling children to access higher education, technical skills, and jobs and to become self-sufficient as adults.

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Saint Andrew School in Ngong, Cameroon serves over 400 students annually.

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Proper education isn’t accessible to all children of Cameroon. The literacy rate of around 70% is due to lack of funding, infrastructure and teachers.

At an estimated population count of over 26 million people, 30% of Cameroon’s society lives below the poverty line.

At an estimated population count of over 26 million people, 30% of Cameroon’s society lives below the poverty line.

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The most recent Human Development Index ranks Cameroon 153 out of 188 countries when calculating a country’s education, income and health. The average expected years of schooling is 10 years. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive academic program with a curriculum designed to go beyond fundamentals to enable the youth of Ngong to master their fullest capacity to become active and knowledgeable citizens for their communities, country and world.

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Our supporters play a critical role in educating youth to change their path to success.

                               food stand

                             $15 provides daily lunch for a month.

                             school supplies

                            $20 provides school supplies for a month.

                              computer lab

                            $200 provides a new computer or school

                            supplies for a year.



Our Beliefs

We believe each member of our community has a duty to nurture values of honesty, sincerity, responsibility, loyalty, cooperation and respect for authority. We aim to employ a professional staff dedicated to providing a safe, civil and caring environment in which youth are encouraged to learn & grow.

Our Goals

Our goals include encouraging responsibility towards oneself and others, leadership qualities and decision-making skills. We strive to implement and monitor programs that encourage and provide opportunities for students so that their placement in society will be made with confidence and ease.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

-Benjamin Franklin

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