In 2020, the total population of Cameroon was estimated to approximately 26.55 million inhabitants. The small town of Ngong has a population of about 90,000 people. Conflict and tensions have placed enormous stress on the country's education system where it is not uncommon to see classroom sizes of more than 200 students.

As a result of these challenges, more than half of rural Cameroonians live below the poverty line. The high rate of poverty does not allow many parents to send their kids to existing schools. Your generous donation supports student fees, meals and supplies. Allow us to introduce a few of our future change makers.

student posing for school

KOTA CLARISSE, 15, is from a family of 20 children and enjoys athletics and chorus. His future career is to become an athlete.

Student posing for school

LOUME BOLE FLORENCE, 17, is one of 12 children in his family and enjoys handball and chorus. Loume dreams of becoming a journalist.


Student posing for school

AGASSEM SANDA FLORENTIN, 12, comes from a family of 5 children and enjoys volleyball and music. Agassem dreams of becoming an athlete.

Student posing for school

ANNAVAI MIMI SIDONIE, 15, is one of 14 children in her family and enjoys volleyball and lectures. She plans to further her religious studies.